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20/11/09 : Mark Broad
We travel to Spa at least twice a year because it is the BEST circuit. We spend money & support the local economy. No circuit & we will be spending our money somewhere else!
18/11/09 : Serge Splash
Un circuit mythique toujours aussi prise et un haut lieu internationnal du sport motocycliste et automobile a ne surtout pas laisser boycotter.
18/11/09 : Olivier Lamalle
Il faut se bouger, c'est tout de meme le plus beau circuit du monde!
17/11/09 : Patricia Dethor
spa has to survive and to go ahead with racing : cars or bikes, but le'ts racing on this fabulous track.
17/11/09 : Tony Nieto Notimporta
Spa is my favourit circuit :(

== Les retombées économiques du GP ==

>> Pétition Grand Prix F1 <<

If like us, you like the circuit of Spa- Francorchamps
If like us, you are conscious of the historical and touristic heritage of our country ,
If like us, you are proud of your area,
If like us, you want to fight the crisis and to react to all criticisms

You who like the racing-track and want it to survive !

Don’t waste any more time and react!

Sign the petition,

I want to sign the petition

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