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We thank you for your help !


Find here 2 ways to help us to collect a maximum of signatures.

  1. Print the Excel an pdf of the support list.
  2. Banners for your blog or internet website.

Contact us for all the other requests.

1. The Excel file

Download the Excel file 25 Ko : liste-francorchamps.xls

Download the pdf file 53 Ko : liste-francorchamps.pdf

2. The Banners

Text Link: Spa Francorchamps


<a href="http://www.defendonsfrancorchamps.be/petition-track-circuit-racing-track-spa-francorchamps.html" title="Spa-Francorchamps racing-track">Spa Francorchamps</a>


120x60 : Défendons Francorchamps

Pétition pour le circuit de Spa Francorchamps

Le code à insérer:


468x60 : Défendons Francorchamps

Pétition pour le circuit de Spa Francorchamps

== Les retombées économiques du GP ==

>> Pétition Grand Prix F1 <<

If like us, you like the circuit of Spa- Francorchamps
If like us, you are conscious of the historical and touristic heritage of our country ,
If like us, you are proud of your area,
If like us, you want to fight the crisis and to react to all criticisms

You who like the racing-track and want it to survive !

Don’t waste any more time and react!

Sign the petition,

I want to sign the petition

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