Who are we ?
We are an association of people who live near the track of Spa-Francorchamps and we want to confirm that we are not disturbed by the permanent work of the circuit.
What do we want ?
We want to be sure that the Spa-Francorchamps racing-track can continue to work for the economical future of our country !
Since the last publication of the Belgian State Council, too many people think that all the persons living in Francorchamps and all around are disturbed by the noise and are against the circuit , this is not right.

We are not deaf with criticisms when those are founded and justified.

Our association respects all democratic initiatives, including, those defended by minorities. It’s usual that : « We follow the majority » We really feel more and more attacked by the bad publicity, the false or directed figures, that certain badly disposed people spread everywhere.

“The most beautiful circuit of the World” is a real economic tool, which gives work to a significant amount of people and makes a lot of publicity and a dynamic and qualitative image of Belgium all around the world.

We are for the continuity of the circuit, and that passes by an optimal exploitation and we will fight to preserve it, we are sorry for the people who don’t agree to be integrated into the local life !

== Les retombées économiques du GP ==

>> Pétition Grand Prix F1 <<

If like us, you like the circuit of Spa- Francorchamps
If like us, you are conscious of the historical and touristic heritage of our country ,
If like us, you are proud of your area,
If like us, you want to fight the crisis and to react to all criticisms

You who like the racing-track and want it to survive !

Don’t waste any more time and react!

Sign the petition,

I want to sign the petition

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